Salesforce Construction Council Copenhagen 2019

The inaugural Salesforce Construction Council event in Copenhagen

We were thrilled to be a part of the first-ever Construction Council in Copenhagen, a forum where Salesforce partners, customers, and industry experts come together to share their experiences, challenges and plans to digitally transform their businesses.

The event took place at the Scania Hotel, Copenhagen in September 2019, where Data Dwell had the opportunity to share how our tech is supporting construction, building material suppliers and engineering companies undergoing digital transformation projects. Specifically, how we can maximise the impact of the content they create and increase the amount of work they win:

  • Position virtual tours, 3D renderings, floorplans, videos
  • Understand which products, units and properties prospects and employees are viewing and engaging with
  • Win more work by discovering and prioritising the most engaged prospects
  • Invest more in the content that’s most relevant for every customer and every step of the project

Data Dwell in the Construction, Property and Building Materials industries:

Our Salesforce native solution allows the positioning of the most relevant content at each stage of the tender process, meaning it’s simple to craft and manage a dynamic relevant experience.

Projects and bidding teams can track how and when prospective customers engage with documents that have been shared, supporting timely follow up and providing insight on what is of most interest. Companies bidding for work can prioritise the most engaged prospects and plan for the next best action using these data-driven insights.

Do you work in the Construction, Property, Real Estate, and Engineering industry? Get in touch to find out how Data Dwell Sales Enablement can help your projects:

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