Sales Enablement Software for Property Management

Supercharge your real estate sales, engage more buyers and give agents the tools to close more properties, faster.

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  • Right content

    Share highly personalized, highly visual content in your sales funnel
  • Right place

    Automatically position floor plans and property documents for interested buyers
  • Right prospects

    Identify which potential buyers are engaging with which properties
  • Right time

    Get notified when interest in a specific property has peaked to focus your efforts

Why choose Data Dwell to transform sales for your real estate business?

Attract potential buyers with highly visual, highly effective content

Use sales enablement software like Data Dwell to align all your marketing and sales content in the sales funnel and engage potential buyers. Attract landlords, investors and buyers with personalized content promoting your properties, including floor plans, virtual tours and video walk-throughs.

Help estate agents and realtors share content professionally

The commercial property industry is highly competitive, and your agents need every advantage they can find. Data Dwell lets your team professionally share documents, fact sheets, property reports and all other types of content, so you can ditch email attachments and third-party services. Simply use the hassle-free Personalized Client Portal to send and impress.

Get a single source of truth for all property marketing

Data Dwell’s sales enablement software gives you a single, easy way to manage all of your property marketing. Organize all building information, all property media, all legal documents, all in one place. And quickly access them whenever your agents need to share with a potential buyer.

Identify specific buyer needs for better conversions

Data Dwell delivers full content analytics and engagement insights across every piece of sales and marketing collateral for your properties. See what your agents are sharing, identify which properties buyers are interested in and which features interest them most. Then tailor the content you share to close that deal faster and get the sale.

Prioritize those most interested in your properties

Some landlords, property investors and commercial buyers will be more motivated to purchase than others. Data Dwell’s sales enablement software ranks potential buyers using engagement scoring, helping your agents see who needs a nudge, who’s wasting time, and who is ready to close the deal.

Keep interested parties engaged with updated documents

Data Dwell gives your agents full document control to manage the content they share with potential buyers using Personalized Client Portals. One link gives interested parties access to all the property information they need, while your agents can edit, replace or delete documents, granting or restricting access whenever required.

Close more deals on your property portfolio with sales enablement software like Data Dwell, managing content, tailoring offers and engaging more buyers

Salesforce Native – The #1 option for property management

If your property management company uses Salesforce as part of your daily workflows, Data Dwell is the perfect choice for your sales enablement platform. We’re the fully native Salesforce application. Directly integrating into your CRM, we deliver out-of-the-box reporting, instant insights and seamless content alignment for your sales funnel.

  • No more email attachments

    Forget bulky, unsafe email attachments that often get blocked, ignored, or lost in a buyer’s inbox. Share trackable content and monitor engagement.

  • No more irrelevant content

    Forget generic virtual tours, pages of unnecessary floor plans and pointless property detail. Share personalised content that actually converts.

  • No more missed opportunities

    Forget time wasting leads and focus on profitable buyers. Find blind spots, identify those forgotten about and act quickly when the time is right.

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