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Win more deals and learn your content ROI - without leaving Salesforce

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What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement consists of tools that accelerate the sales cycle, creating efficiencies in training sales teams, equipping them to succeed, and assessing areas for improvement.

Sales Enablement software

Sales enablement software from Data Dwell gives sales reps quick access to the marketing content they need as and when they need it, optimised for specific points in the prospect’s journey.

Sales teams can feedback data regarding the effectiveness of different content types, measured by the engagement with each piece and its impact on revenue. This allows marketing teams to adapt and change existing content for the future use of sales reps, in order to promote the right content at the right time, for the greatest results.

Sales enablement platforms offer a range of other benefits as well, such as the ability to track prospects, analyse content and sales activity, and create executive reports on sales funnel activity.

  • Relevant

    Position marketing content dynamically to any prospect data, so your salespeople send the most effective content as each opportunity progresses

  • Engagement

    Track and analyze how prospects engage with your content in Salesforce reports and dashboards - from the big picture down to the nitty gritty

  • Native in Salesforce

    Built on the Salesforce platform, simple onboarding. Customers say setup is “so simple, a great Salesforce upgrade” and that they were “up and running in a matter of hours”

Sales enablement


Per user, per month (Min 10 users)

  1. Track email opens
  2. Track website visits
  3. Granular content analytics
  4. Engagement scoring
  5. Content engagement notifications
  6. Prioritize sales opportunities
  7. Calculate content ROI from deals won
  8. Content effectiveness ratings
  9. Reporting and dashboards in Salesforce
  10. Content Tailoring on the record page
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  • Sales teams

    Winning sales content, prospect sharing and usage tracking, analytics and reporting - all inside Salesforce

  • Marketing teams

    Get sales using content and uncover true ROI via usage analytics — so you can keep making high performing content

  • Salesforce Admins

    Make Salesforce sticky by delivering all sales enablement tools, analytics, and reporting inside Salesforce

Sales Enablement in Salesforce

Data Dwell’s sales enablement solution is unlike any other sales enablement product as it is a native Salesforce application.

Our customers can position the most relevant content directly to any object in Salesforce (Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Cases etc), share promoted content directly from the record page, then track prospect engagement all without ever leaving Salesforce.

Implementation is clean and simple, with out-of-the-box executive reporting and hyper-intuitive platform that any SF admin, marketer or sales rep can easily use to accelerate the sales process.

Features specific to Data Dwell Sales Enablement:

  • Content tracking against any record in Salesforce
  • Uncover previously hidden buyer behaviour with activity tracking and alerts
  • Out-of-the-box reporting in Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
  • Content analytics – determine which content is working and where, plus understand the ROI of your content marketing spend

Discover how Data Dwell Sales Enablement can transform your business today.

See how you can marketing content to close more deals, without increasing your acquisition spend.

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Sales Enablement

Fully native in Salesforce, Data Dwell Sales Enablement is up and running in minutes or hours — not days or weeks.

It’s easy for users to adopt, adding features they’ll love to the platform they already use.