Sales Enablement

Do you know if your sales team is using the right content at the right time?

You will now.

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Retire the Email Attachments and Change the Way Your Team Sells

Each one of your prospects is unique, so the experience you offer them should be too. Data Dwell allows you to create and share Personalized Client Portals directly from Salesforce. This creates a seamless experience for prospects as they will have all of the content they need, in one place, throughout the entire customer journey.

  • Track Engagement

    Data Dwell's Personalized Client Portals help you gain buyer behavior insights by tracking what content your prospects are looking at and how much time they spend doing so. So your sales team can approach them while they are actively interested, and secure that deal.

  • Share in a Safe Way

    Email attachments can get lost, forwarded, or accessed by the wrong person, all without your knowledge. Data Dwell Personalized Client Portals help you keep control over your own assets. You can control access levels, share with your main prospect or their peers too, revoke access, and restrict downloads.

  • Match Your Opportunity’s Progression

    Are the materials that you shared not relevant anymore? Or maybe you uploaded the wrong document. Data Dwell Personalized Client Portals enable you to replace, delete and always make the most suited content available.

Sales Enablement


Per user, per month (Min 10 users)

  1. Content usage tracking
  2. Unlimited Personalized Client Portals
  3. Granular content analytics
  4. Personalized customer journeys
  5. Engagement scoring
  6. Content engagement notifications
  7. Easy sales opportunity prioritization
  8. Content ROI dashboards
  9. Content library in Salesforce
  10. Reporting and dashboards in Salesforce
  11. Content Tailoring on the record page
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  • Marketing teams

    Eliminate mid-funnel bottlenecks resulting from handing leads over from to Sales. Make data-driven decisions when prioritizing content creation and budgets.

  • Sales teams

    Create engaging and personalized buying experiences. Get access to engagement insights, analytics, and reporting to help them prioritize time and efforts.

  • SFDC Admins

    Keep Salesforce as the single source of truth to get the most out of your Salesforce investment, and increase engagement with your CRM platform by delivering all sales enablement tools, analytics, and reporting inside Salesforce.

The #1 Salesforce-dedicated solution for keeping full visibility over used and shared content

Data Dwell Sales Enablement is unlike any other Sales Enablement product as it is a native Salesforce application.

Marketing teams promote the most relevant content directly to any object in Salesforce (Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Cases, and more). Sales Teams share relevant content with prospects through Personalized Client Portals, and track engagement. All without ever leaving Salesforce.

Implementation is clean and straightforward, with out-of-the-box executive reporting and a hyper-intuitive platform that any Salesforce admin, marketer, or sales rep can use to accelerate the sales process.

Unlock the potential of your CRM with valuable insights

  • Unlock the potential of your CRM with valuable insights
  • Track content based on any record in Salesforce
  • Uncover previously hidden buyer behaviour with activity tracking and alerts
  • Get out-of-the-box reporting in Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
  • Access content analytics to determine which content is working and where

Discover how Data Dwell Sales Enablement can transform your business today.

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Data Dwell Sales Enablement integrates with the tools that you already use, and is native in Salesforce, so there is no integration required, and data compliance is guaranteed by default.