7 simple and effective ways that Data Dwell supports marketing teams

Sales content management and revenue enablement software like Data Dwell doesn’t just support sales teams. It supports every department positioned at every stage of the customer journey.

One of the biggest departments Data Dwell supports is Marketing. An essential cog in the machine, responsible for all those vital leads passed onto Sales, marketing departments are often overlooked. 

They can find their contributions ignored, and their value under-appreciated. 

Not with Data Dwell. 

Data Dwell helps Marketing: 

1. Create more effective content 

By tracking and reporting on every individual piece of content, Data Dwell provides in-depth, detailed analysis of content performance straight back to the department who created it. 

Marketing can use this to plan more effectively, analysing: 

  • Which types of content are most used by sales reps
  • Which are most viewed/most downloaded/most shared/most interacted with by prospects
  • Which encourage prospects to move to the next stage of the journey

2. Provide more relevant content to Sales 

By analysing key content metrics like this, Marketing can also quickly spot any content gaps – with specific industries or key verticals for example – and create content to close those gaps. 

Where sales teams might be struggling, or where they don’t have the right type of content to hand, Marketing can quickly step in and provide it. 

Sales can request specific content, or Marketing can assign it directly to specific opportunities or general demographics (like job titles, industries, problems faced, etc.) 

3. Make sure their content is actually used (at the right time) 

In building a close working relationship between Sales and Marketing, Data Dwell also helps Marketing close the gap between content created and content used. 

There’s nothing worse for marketing teams than spending months and months producing a killer piece of sales content, only to watch sales reps ignore it because they:

  • Don’t know about it
  • Don’t know where or how to use it
  • Think they have better options available 

Data Dwell helps marketing position their content directly in front of sales reps and automatically surfaces it at the right time, making sure marketing content is always used where it will be most effective. 

4. Prevent time and budget wasted on ineffective content 

Equally, marketing teams also hate seeing poor content, old content or any type of content that just isn’t working as it should.

The quicker they can identify that content, the quicker they can replace it. 

Marketing doesn’t want to be spending hours and hours designing 40+ page user guides and 50-slide long competitor analysis decks when leads actually prefer 2-page PDFs and an interactive infographic. 

Data Dwell puts all the essential stats at Marketing’s fingertips, so they can stop wasting time and money on the content that doesn’t work well, and put all that effort into the content that converts. 

5. Keep content up to date easily accessible

Some content might be effective, but might just need to be regularly updated, amended and improved. 

Data Dwell helps here too. It lets Marketing tap straight into Sales Content Platforms to edit content, personalise variations, or replace entire files with newer versions. 

And it makes sure that both Marketing and Sales can easily find that content at all times.

6. Calculate the ROI of individual content pieces 

Because Data Dwell is the only sales enablement software to track and measure every individual piece of content, it’s the only platform that can report on specific content ROI. 

By analysing the performance of an individual piece of content at every stage of the customer journey – and assessing how that content, when used in the right place at the right time, enables more sales and revenue – Data Dwell can put a figure on the value of that content. 

A real figure that Marketing can use to calculate the time and cost to produce compared with the revenue generated. 

Marketing can then use the ROI of multiple content pieces to…

7. Demonstrate their real value to their organization 

When Marketing have access to real-world data about how their content performs, how it contributes to sales and how it drives the revenue of their organization, they can demonstrate their real value. 

They’re not just a ‘nice-to-have’. Not just a necessary evil. Not a department who should have their budgets cut. 

They’re an integral, essential part of the entire sales and revenue process, a department that makes a massive contribution to the success of the business. 

A contribution that can be measured in real financial terms. 

All thanks to Data Dwell. 

Try it today and see how it can help your marketing department. 

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